Why Nonviolence?

From the earliest stages of education, we have been taught to accept violence as a normal and necessary part of our culture. In recent history, nonviolence has come to be recognized as a significant alternative for groups, communities, and whole societies to effectively deal with the conditions they face locally, nationally, and internationally. 

Martin Luther King, Jr. made a tremendous contribution to the application of nonviolence on a broad scale in our society.  He emphasized education, enlightenment, and leadership development, and based his response to repression and violence on his faith and conviction that violence was not a valid means of solving social problems.

What is Kingian Nonviolence?

Now is the time...

In 1967 during a staff conference, Dr. King said, "Now is the time to really educate and train people in nonviolence as the more noble path to social justice." 

Living Rock Church is the first church in the state to hold a nonviolence training session, led by the Connecticut Center for Nonviolence. We continue to meet as a group to pursue the goal of incorporating the teachings of Dr. King in our lives and relationships, and to use nonviolence as a means to enact social change in our community and society.