Dance Ministry

We believe God can use the performing arts, including dance, to reach the lost with His message of peace, hope, love and joy.

Christian Academy of Dance is now Ekklesia School of Ballet!

CAD has rebranded to the name Ekklesia School of Ballet!

This decision has been developing since the founding of the company 5 years ago. It is the industry model for most professional dance companies to have their school under the same name. The difference is that we founded the school before the company; now that we have a company we want the school’s affiliation with the company to be clear.

We want our families to see that Ekklesia is the professional model of dance, and students in the school to see what all their training and hard work can grow into. And most importantly, what is exemplified for our students through Ekklesia is the importance of training, not just the physical body, but the spiritual as well.  This will have a profound impact on how we can be effective in promoting “Love to all.”

Ekklesia School of Ballet

Ekklesia School of Ballet is a place where the joy of dance and community are celebrated. At ESB we seek to foster an environment in which students are lovingly challenged in their pursuit of artistic excellence and are nurtured along their path to maturity. Our highly qualified faculty and staff share in this vision for ESB’s students. When you join the ESB family, as a student or parent, it is our hope that you will not only discover a love for the creative art of dance, but that you will be inspired to continue on a lifelong journey of discovering a love for the One who created it. Come join us in the dance.




Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet

Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet exists to “love all and serve all” as the church embodied through the visible form of dance. Ekklesia holds a diverse compilation of repertory that spans a full spectrum of emotion, physicality, and vocabulary which address major issues our world is facing today such as poverty, inequality, and human suffering. Ekklesia’s passionate performers, choreographers, and collaborators are committed to presenting innovative work that speaks to every audience member in an effort to heal our world. Ekklesia is committed to providing education and accessibility in the art of dance to the underserved in our community. Ekklesia’s goal is to foster an environment for our audiences and artists where genuine discussion of life and faith can flourish.





Ahavah is the Hebrew word for Love. This performance – like love – has been ever evolving over the past 12 years. The show gives a glimpse of the human heart and how God longs to connect with us in a real and intimate way. This show is unique in that each year there is always a new angle to see God’s love; a new lens if you will, to hopefully take us all on a journey into a deeper understanding of the unfathomable and mysterious love of our Creator.


Since 2013, Ahavah has donated over $32,000 to the Shoreline Soup Kitchens and Pantries. 

Matched by The Gowrie Group each year, these donations provided over 142,000 meals to our neighbors in need! Due to the high cost of food, recent cutbacks, and the rapidly growing need of our community for the meals provided by the SSKP, the SSKP increasingly relies on the income from fundraising events such as Ahavah. This partnership is a wonderful opportunity to meet the needs of hungry families in the Shoreline Community during the Christmas Season. 

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