Preparing in Love, Not Fear

Another update will be posted on 3/17/2020 to reflect the recent government mandates.

March 12, 2020

Dear Church Family,

As our world faces the corona virus and turns its attention to the global impact that it is having, I would like to reassure you of a few things as fellow believers in Christ and as a member of the Living Rock Church community.

God is in control. He has brought us to this place and time where it is important that we humble ourselves and put our trust in God. Let us not panic in this pandemic, but redirect our attention to how God may be working. I am confident that God will direct our steps forward as we move in prayer and thoughtfulness towards each other and our neighbors. Let us remember that kindness and generosity is also infectious and our faith and trust in God can go along way in being a personal witness that we are not to be afraid.

Let me assure you that we have contingency plans in place to address the ever changing developments concerning closings of schools, and local governments restricting public assembly. I want us all to be socially responsible and take advantage of all the ways we can stay connected through this global crisis as a community of faith. Because things are changing rapidly with every news cycle please do not hesitate to contact me personally or any of our care team for prayer or encouragement. If you are shut in and feel you are at personal risk due to age or health, we are available to run errands to help you personally in order to minimize your health risk.

Above all let us remember this may be our Red Sea, and God may be about to reveal His glory and power in ways previously unseen. So let us humble ourselves, turn away from fear and put our trust in God while doing those things that will minimize the spread of any infectious disease.

Pastor Ryan


I'd like to thank the Care Team, Leadership Team and staff for working together on ways to keep our church members safe and connected during this season of flu and COVID-19. Here's what we're doing:

  • We are performing ongoing extra sanitation of doorknobs and other common surfaces.
  • We have hand sanitizer available in the foyer.
  • When we celebrate Communion, we will be using pre-packaged single serve communion cups that are pre-filled with juice and a communion wafer.
  • Offering will be collected the way we used to, with people bringing their tithes and offerings to the ushers in the front, instead of passing a basket.
  • Any snacks served in children’s church will be individually wrapped and pre-packaged.
  • We have implemented new protocols for small groups

We will be live-streaming Pastor's message on Facebook, so if you are ill or feel you are at risk, you can watch from home. You do not need a Facebook account to go online and watch, and the video will remain online even after service is over:

90 Days of Prayer

Lord, increase my thirst for You and Your kingdom.


"Sir, give me this water, so I will not be thirsty.” John 4:15

"The life we receive is the life we give."  Jean Vanier

Personal Prayer
“As the deer pants for water, so my soul pants for You.”  Psalm 42:1


  • This Summer, we're taking 90 days to pray for an increased thirst for God and His Kingdom. Use the reminder card to keep track of your 90 days of prayer.

Office Team

  • office manager

    Peggy Bartosiak

  • ministry intern

    Austin Reynolds

  • office assistant/ receptionist

    Emilee Alexander

  • bookkeeper

    Jeremiah Crandall


Report from Kristin Wensel:

In June, I took four teen boys up to Rutland, VT for a week long work-projects mission trip through YouthWorks. YouthWorks provides Christ-centered mission trips for more than 20,000 teenagers and adult leaders in over 45 communities across the U.S. and beyond.  YouthWorks believes that God is already moving around the world, and the best thing we can do is to come alongside local churches and groups and ask how we can help.  During our time in Rutland, we camped out in the basement of a local church as our home base, along with 3 other church youth groups from Maryland and PA.  All told, there were 38 people in Rutland through YouthWorks for the week, with kids ranging from 12 to 18.  


As they were the oldest and strongest on the trip, our boys were assigned the hardest jobs of the week, and they were eager to serve!  


For the first two days, we partnered with the local community volunteers to rebuild a mountain-bike trail in the city-owned Pine Hill Park.  Following the great depression, this park had been neglected  for 80+ years.  In 2003, YouthWorks began partnering with a few local volunteers to build trails, beaches and playgrounds for public use.  Now the 273 acre park is widely used and well maintained.  Our job was to refinish a downhill “S” curve on a popular mountain bike trail.  That involved lots of digging, stump removal, boulder shifting and rock carrying.  The boys joyfully moved large boulders for 2 days, to build a retaining wall for the trail. We built berms, dug drainage ditches, found more rocks than we thought possible in one place and came away tired and happy.  We finished the section we were assigned to, and the boys received many compliments for their hard work!   


Day 3, we were assigned to work with the nearby town recreation department.  The town’s elementary baseball team had won the state semi-finals, and the town was scheduled to host the finals game the next day.  Unfortunately, their only field had been neglected - it was overgrown and in need of love. The boys spent that day ripping out crabgrass from the infield, edging, putting down fresh gravel and re-leveling the field to ready it for play.  The team arrived to practice just as we wrapped up, and were pleasantly surprised to see their newly spiffed up field.


Our final day on site, we spent painting.  We gave the local park picnic tables a fresh coat of paint, and ended the day by re-painting the floor of the 300-year old town hall meeting room.


When we weren’t serving, we were cooking meals for the group, in devotionals, worshiping or spending time getting to know the other kids on the trip.  We had such a good time!   And, though the boys each thought they were going on the trip to serve others, God had something deeply personal prepared for each of them as well.  There were some profound spiritual lessons learned on this trip - ones that I hope will make lasting impressions on them all. 


We are already looking forward to going again next year!



Family Connection Handouts

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Christian Academy of Dance is now Ekklesia School of Ballet!

CAD has rebranded to the name Ekklesia School of Ballet!

This decision has been developing since the founding of the company 5 years ago. It is the industry model for most professional dance companies to have their school under the same name. The difference is that we founded the school before the company; now that we have a company we want the school’s affiliation with the company to be clear.

We want our families to see that Ekklesia is the professional model of dance, and students in the school to see what all their training and hard work can grow into. And most importantly, what is exemplified for our students through Ekklesia is the importance of training, not just the physical body, but the spiritual as well.  This will have a profound impact on how we can be effective in promoting “Love to all.”

Children's Church Handouts

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Giving through

Giving is not a duty, a fee, or a formula; it is a posture of our hearts.

We believe that giving is our opportunity to release what we hold as security up to God and express our faith in God. It is an act of trust. Placing our trust in the provision of God above our own efforts to provide for ourselves.

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